Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I need you.

Ramai yang bakal kita tinggalkan..nontheless, ramai juga yang bakal meninggalkan kita.

I'll be leaving my Home soon.

My friends.

My Best friends.

My Bestest friends too.

My cats (miawi and chomeyyll).

My VROOMbastic Car (uhhh this ones the hardest!!).

My cuzzies.

My warm bed.

My second family.. Usrah group Kak Aishah. (definitely..DeFINITEly will cry everytime i think about them).


And the hardest (second to my car - haha!)... My FAMILY.

Sometimes i just wish that we would never have to depart, with anybody or even with anything (im thinking of my car!). Thinking that my best buddy Nihlah is getting married so soon. . honestly, i havn't had enough time spent with her. I really am going to miss the single nihlah. My witty nela! hehe. Then, my lil cuz amirah... tak puas lagi inject nilai2 islamiyah dan tarbiyah dalam dia. She's so enthusiast in all the islamic practices and shes just too adorable. Kemudian, agenda2 hangat kat malaysia lagi.. I never wana miss those!!! Hmmm.

Owh, how i wish for a lot of things to happen and not to happen.
And when we're desperate for more time..the only thing we're left to do is just to wish and pray for only the best things to happen in these few moments left. Right?

I got this one wish yea..its funny, but let me just share it with you lot.

I wish, before i leave, that i would at least receive a msg from the guy who had always have my heart, to at least say.. " ... take care and be strong." or the best line he could always use is ".. ill wait for you." (waaaah!!!! HAHAHAH! IF.. IF by any chance, he says that, I would become a specialised doc by 3rd year i tell you!! hahahaah.).

I wish a lot.. a very 'a lot' of 'A lot'. if that make sense to you. =P

And for the time being.. while listening to this melody which im putting it on auto play on this blog, (maestro- the holiday).. all i think about is to balik malaysia... jumpa everyone.Let them know how much i missed them and how im gona miss them even more later. I want to spend my time to the fullest with everyone and to also participate in a lot of good causes for The UMMAH. I have to. Ana dah tertinggal banyak, and ive to make it up to it. My contributions for this ummah is yet very tiny. (like you cant see it even if you use a microscope.. its so tiny that a bacterium seems huge like a dinosaur.. and now im exaggerating.). You know what..I want to go fight for the truth!! I want to get in line and fight for Justice!! That had always been my wishes (since i cudnt go out becoz i had been having a whole stretch of exams and tests before. =P - lame stupid excuses but they were my honest excuses before.)

Sekarang, lagu ni pun dah perlahaaan je.. emosi pun dah berubah sikit.
Sayu bila fikirkan. Tapi takpe.. Ana pergi dengan lengkah2 baru. Semangat dari semua ana bawa sebagai bekal kekuatan,mudahan dengan itu langkah ana tak terbantut di tengah jalan. Setiap kali melangkah, akan pasti ana menoleh... melihat sahabat-sahabat dan kaum kerabat yang tak pernah jemu menyokong.Tak pernah letih beri desakan agar langkah2 mujahadah ini tidak terhenti separuh jalan.Demi ALLAH,langkah-langkah ini maju kerana adanya kekuatan, doa dan sokongan dari kalian...

Doa ana. Sokongan ana juga takkan putus dimana-mana untuk awakorang!! Itu janji ana! =)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My funny mummy.

Mama's so funny that her thoughts are funny too..
We were sitting at the dining area, Me, having dinner, Mum, reading the magazine. Then suddenly mama was making some sort of a sign language to herself. Then i asked, "Ma buat apa tu?"

She goes, " Mama tgh jawab soalan dalam magazine ni."

I, "soalan apa?"

Mum, " Dia tanya ni.. ' Would you send your parents to a nursing home?' "

Me, with a smile - i know what to expect coz mum was giving me her cheeky smile, " haha, mama jawab apa siap ada sign language? "

My Funny Mummy answered with her finger pointing at me, " YES, ONLY IF I RUN THE NURSING HOME."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Third cut is the not-so-deep cut.

'First cut is the deepest' -they say,she sang,people agree.Hmm. But no matter how deep a cut is, a cut is still a c.u.t!! and a c.u.t always hurt.

For what they/he had done,I can try to Forget but i dont think i can simply forgive. Or maybe i can forgive, but i cant forget.. but then,if you cannot forget, isn't that the same as not forgiving? What i understand about forgiveness is that, when you forgive you'll completely forget everything about it. So, if you still remember and still thnik about the pain that he/she had caused you, guess there are still unsettled issues need to get rid of. Hey, What else can he/she do anyways.Things just doesnt work out well and life has to keep on going. Yeah life goes on but now with a lil bit of grudges,hatred and dendam kesumat for you to keep as souvenirs !?!?


Apa-apa pun. Love hurts.You dare to love,be prepared to get hurt. Nobody can escape the excruciating pain of love. Agree?? Ya laa.. angguk2 pun jadi lah.Hehehe. (This is nodding me off.. Boring topic thou.. and i don't know WHY in heaven's name i wana write about it.)

Moral of the story :
Learn from your mistakes.Only that can make you a wise man.
Biar cinta hari ini lebih baik dari cinta semalam. [taken from the ' biar hr ini lbh baik dr smlm' quote.Hehe] * Berapa banyak cinta pulak?? Satu, cukup!! =P


Slap on the face.

Simple reminder.

Remember what Muhammad Al-fateh said to his fellow warriors before they launched the attack towards Constantinople and later succeeded on conquering the city..? One of his reminders was :

"..... aku risau dosa-dosa setengah daripada kamu akan menjadi penghalang kepada makbulnya doa-doa kita.Maka bertaubatlah !....."

Ive got nothing more to say other than.. Reflect! reflect and reflect!

We always take the ease and comfort we get each day for granted.We only pray when we're in need, and worse, only when we're TERRIBLY in need. But anyhow.. the point is not so much on that..But..Our akhlaq towards ALLAH, having all the sins done explicitly and implicitly and yet we keep on asking Allah for more. ~ are we not ashamed of ourselves or are we just too angelic, a descendant form heaven?~

Jika perlu paksa menangis..paksalah. Waktu solat itulah waktu yang paling baik untuk kita makin mendekatkan diri dgn Dia. He doesnt need us, But WE need Him.

Please be my mirror..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kisah minyak yang tak habis-habis. Funny!!!

Selamat Menonton the videos.
Bak kata Dr Izzi Haji Ali, "Renung-renungkan dan Selamat Beramal!"


And this CAN happen if EVERYONE is afraid of using the transportations because of the hike in fuel prices ! Watch this vid.


What's it all about?

I use to think I had the best end of the deal.

What have i got really?
Some money in my pocket..
Some nice threads..
A fancy car . . at my disposal.
And Im Single, Unattached.
Free as a bird.
I dont depend on nobody
and nobody depend on me.
My life is my own.



Eventhough ive got evrything i need,
I dont have a piece of mind !
And if you dont have that...
you've got nothing!!


Whats the answer?
Thats what i keep asking myself.


Life without missions and reasons is just as good as useless.
Know your role, and take part in the action. Be somebody to the world.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How come evryones getting married NOW??

I dont know how and i dont know why, suddenly everybody says they're getting married...
Im not talking about a friend or two here alrite, almost about 8 of them, I counted!!
. . and im still single.. not mingling also.. Single but NOT, definitely NOT lonely. Hehe. Have to have a backup statement to tell that im happy. HAHA.

Adding up to my shock, today i visited people's facebooks, and i found out a few of my contacts had gotten married already!! and one of them is abg Salmani (from adni). * al, remember him?? Yang kelakar tu!!*

Where was i when everyone were having crushes and relationships AND discussions ?? Suddenly dah nak kawin ni??!!? I wonder, Hmm . . Where had i been hibernating?? Alaska maybe... Ahhhaaaa.

Anyways.. Im happy for EveryOne. And i wish to attend EvEryOne's Walimah.. and i hope, you lot (whose getting married) pray for me too.. ya! Mudahan ana temu jodoh yang terbaik juga. Pejuang Agama, Penjulang kebenaran! Itu yang penting. =) Dan ana pun perlu ada semangat begitu juga.. Doakan kekuatan untuk ana.InsyaALLAH.

Selamat Kahwin lah kaliannn..
Salam Mawaddah dari ana.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ahlul ghurabaa

Sabda Rasulullah SAW menerusi riwayat Imam Ahmad bahawa : "Islam bermula asing dan ia akan kembali asing, maka berbahagialah golongon gurabaa (golongan asing)... "

Lalu Sahabat-sahabat bertanya kepada Baginda, : "Siapakah golongan Ghurabaa ini ya Rasulullah?" Baginda bersabda : " Mereka adalah golongan yang memperbaiki keadaan yang telah dirosakkan manusia."

My dearest friends and family,
Selamat menyambut Rejab!
Anisah ALi-

what i call... a holiday.

Let me start with a short prayer.. For all of us.

" Bismillahi arrahmani arraheem,
Ya ALLAH, Mudahan Engkau mendatangkan seribu manfaat dan kebaikan dari setiap amalan kami hari ini, hari esok dan hari2 seterusnya. Apabila kami dalam kealpaan, mudahan Engkau memberi peringatan kepada kami segera dan janganlah Engkau membiarkan kami terus menjauh daripadaMu.Peliharalah kami, peliharalah Iman kami." Ameen~

It was a bright and shiny morning (because it was already 11am!).. i woke up with my normal 'selekeh' but ' comel' look on my face, brushed my teeth, mandi and i went down to have my breakfast. HAHAHA. Branch if you like. Mama and Rudy, my buddy cousin, was watching telly.Kak salina, my other cousin went to work already and Mummy, my aunty had gone out..i forgot where she went.

There was a whole load of clothes in the clothes basket, so i load them in the washin machine. Pour some washin powder, put some softener and press the START button. *pssshhhhhhhh* the machine started.

So, i continued myself with breakfast. i felt like having omelette for breakfast today.
- 2 medium Omega-3 Eggs
- Cheese
- Button mushrooms
- tomatoes, cubed
- Salt
- Black pepper powder.

Awwh.. marvelous...

Add some taste to it by pressing some Tartar sauce on it, Sweet chilli sauce anddd some english mustard. Yummm-yummyyyy.

Ready.. wore my slippers and had my lovely breakfast in the garden, surrounded by beautiful and colourful flowers..under the sun, ditemani hembusan angin sejuuukk kota London. To die for.. And thaaat is whatt i call... a holiday.

Having a great time, haliday-ing in UK.

The Wimbledon Final

It was SuPerb!!!
We were jumping and shouting at home yesterday.
Yet confused who we were supporting because we wanted both to win, there was no Good guy-Bad guy, Both are champions ! !

If only they can just cut the cup into two, and give both a halve each. HAHA. If only yea..

Saturday match, the Williams was Great too!!!
Its was a tennis-tennis week for us here. Haha.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Until i realised how short . . .

Mama and baba : Staying in london for good now.

Adik : Now in Malaysia sorting out her things, coming to London in August and study her.

Me : Returning home (malaysia) on the 26th of this month. Stay there until October (alone okaay! berJolly leerr ana nampaknye. Haha), 7 or 8 October fly to egypt. 6 years study.


Yesterday, while i was folding my telekung after maghrib prayers, i suddenly realised..
How fast time flies and how little time I have left for me to spend it with my mum before i leave for egypt, and stay there for 6 years (oh dear!).
Only then i realised how important these few weeks are for me. To spend them not only for holidaying (such word??) or shopping, but to spend 'em 100% quality time with mama and baba. (and adik later when i get back home).
Before this, i was taking advantage of all the time i had, doing my own things in my own little space.. owh noooo....... need mama baba time now!!
Gona miss mama's jokes.Mama's E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!
Gona miss baba's pastas.Baba's temper.Baba's 'belanja' and presents AND surprises.
and im gona miss adik like hell man!!!
This 26th will be the last time i see them before.. before i dont know.. before what?? ow ya.. before i fly to london for holidays, and that should be next year June I suppose.
Dear oh dear...

Al, if you're reading this.. spend good quality time with your fam puas-puas okaay.. Kita nak pi jauh dah nii..

Need Mama Baba time!! A lot!
Luvs. Nisa
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