Saturday, July 12, 2008

Third cut is the not-so-deep cut.

'First cut is the deepest' -they say,she sang,people agree.Hmm. But no matter how deep a cut is, a cut is still a c.u.t!! and a c.u.t always hurt.

For what they/he had done,I can try to Forget but i dont think i can simply forgive. Or maybe i can forgive, but i cant forget.. but then,if you cannot forget, isn't that the same as not forgiving? What i understand about forgiveness is that, when you forgive you'll completely forget everything about it. So, if you still remember and still thnik about the pain that he/she had caused you, guess there are still unsettled issues need to get rid of. Hey, What else can he/she do anyways.Things just doesnt work out well and life has to keep on going. Yeah life goes on but now with a lil bit of grudges,hatred and dendam kesumat for you to keep as souvenirs !?!?


Apa-apa pun. Love hurts.You dare to love,be prepared to get hurt. Nobody can escape the excruciating pain of love. Agree?? Ya laa.. angguk2 pun jadi lah.Hehehe. (This is nodding me off.. Boring topic thou.. and i don't know WHY in heaven's name i wana write about it.)

Moral of the story :
Learn from your mistakes.Only that can make you a wise man.
Biar cinta hari ini lebih baik dari cinta semalam. [taken from the ' biar hr ini lbh baik dr smlm' quote.Hehe] * Berapa banyak cinta pulak?? Satu, cukup!! =P



SAYYAFF said...

Yang ni pun best... Wah2.... makin matang dan semakin matang orang tu dan dan duk kat sana eh!

Anisah Ali said...

hahaha.. Sabariah my dear.. bumi londeng ni takde kene mengena dgn proses pematangan ana (erm..ade sikit lah).. tapi mungkin pasal semenjak cuti ni ana byk membaca buku2, blog dan ziarah tempat2 yang ada byk tulisan2.. Hahahaa. eh.. anti jgn perli2 ana.. ana merepek jee pun menulis nii. Hehehe.

sidqi said...

the closest you are to somebody, the easiest it is to get hurt, as it is to be happy..

wise man forgive but dun forget.. for if it is forgotten, the lessons fade away..


Anisah Ali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anisah Ali said...

sidqi..I dont agree with that.
=P =P

sidqi said...

uhu xpe2.. in academia, we respect the difference in knowledge.. hehe :)

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