Friday, February 20, 2009

And the quotes...

Mothers can be very skema at times.. don't they?

Unusual quotes and words of support by them..

"Yakin Boleh, Pasti Boleh"

"Doa minta Allah mudahkan menjawab soalan-soalan yang bakal dibentangkan esok."

Usual and normal msges by our mothers..

"All The best dear, You're always in my prayers."

" I know my daughter is the best."

and all the similar msges you lot get..Those sort of msges la.

I guess, they get a bit 'skema' when they're a bit panic and worried about us after recieving unusual msges from us mengadu pasal our nervous breakdown before our exam.
At that time, takkan derang nak kasi msg2 normal ayat-ayat biasa.. kan. Mesti kasi msg luar biasa sikit to lift our spirit up.. yeaaa.. You Go MA!!

We were cracking ourselves at home laughing our head off yesterday talking about how skema a person can be sometimes. *skema anjing pya would say..i dont know why that particular animal is chosen, but yeah..its her choice of animal.*

And absurdly.. im one of those 'skema' person counted in. Always is and will always be one. HAHA!

skema jaja- Anisah~

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