Monday, July 7, 2008

what i call... a holiday.

Let me start with a short prayer.. For all of us.

" Bismillahi arrahmani arraheem,
Ya ALLAH, Mudahan Engkau mendatangkan seribu manfaat dan kebaikan dari setiap amalan kami hari ini, hari esok dan hari2 seterusnya. Apabila kami dalam kealpaan, mudahan Engkau memberi peringatan kepada kami segera dan janganlah Engkau membiarkan kami terus menjauh daripadaMu.Peliharalah kami, peliharalah Iman kami." Ameen~

It was a bright and shiny morning (because it was already 11am!).. i woke up with my normal 'selekeh' but ' comel' look on my face, brushed my teeth, mandi and i went down to have my breakfast. HAHAHA. Branch if you like. Mama and Rudy, my buddy cousin, was watching telly.Kak salina, my other cousin went to work already and Mummy, my aunty had gone out..i forgot where she went.

There was a whole load of clothes in the clothes basket, so i load them in the washin machine. Pour some washin powder, put some softener and press the START button. *pssshhhhhhhh* the machine started.

So, i continued myself with breakfast. i felt like having omelette for breakfast today.
- 2 medium Omega-3 Eggs
- Cheese
- Button mushrooms
- tomatoes, cubed
- Salt
- Black pepper powder.

Awwh.. marvelous...

Add some taste to it by pressing some Tartar sauce on it, Sweet chilli sauce anddd some english mustard. Yummm-yummyyyy.

Ready.. wore my slippers and had my lovely breakfast in the garden, surrounded by beautiful and colourful flowers..under the sun, ditemani hembusan angin sejuuukk kota London. To die for.. And thaaat is whatt i call... a holiday.

Having a great time, haliday-ing in UK.


So what about Alia? said...


Anisah Ali said...

shut up al!!! i know what you mean! HAHAHA!!

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