Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slap on the face.

Simple reminder.

Remember what Muhammad Al-fateh said to his fellow warriors before they launched the attack towards Constantinople and later succeeded on conquering the city..? One of his reminders was :

"..... aku risau dosa-dosa setengah daripada kamu akan menjadi penghalang kepada makbulnya doa-doa kita.Maka bertaubatlah !....."

Ive got nothing more to say other than.. Reflect! reflect and reflect!

We always take the ease and comfort we get each day for granted.We only pray when we're in need, and worse, only when we're TERRIBLY in need. But anyhow.. the point is not so much on that..But..Our akhlaq towards ALLAH, having all the sins done explicitly and implicitly and yet we keep on asking Allah for more. ~ are we not ashamed of ourselves or are we just too angelic, a descendant form heaven?~

Jika perlu paksa menangis..paksalah. Waktu solat itulah waktu yang paling baik untuk kita makin mendekatkan diri dgn Dia. He doesnt need us, But WE need Him.

Please be my mirror..

1 comment:

SAYYAFF said...

MashAllah... Best2 apa yang enti tulis. Nt sebenarnya berbakat besar dalam menulis cerita Anisah. Bagus2... Bagi kesan pada ana yg membaca.!

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