Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My funny mummy.

Mama's so funny that her thoughts are funny too..
We were sitting at the dining area, Me, having dinner, Mum, reading the magazine. Then suddenly mama was making some sort of a sign language to herself. Then i asked, "Ma buat apa tu?"

She goes, " Mama tgh jawab soalan dalam magazine ni."

I, "soalan apa?"

Mum, " Dia tanya ni.. ' Would you send your parents to a nursing home?' "

Me, with a smile - i know what to expect coz mum was giving me her cheeky smile, " haha, mama jawab apa siap ada sign language? "

My Funny Mummy answered with her finger pointing at me, " YES, ONLY IF I RUN THE NURSING HOME."

1 comment:

so she's the rab? said...

ahaaaa..ur mom sgt cumils..

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