Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Until i realised how short . . .

Mama and baba : Staying in london for good now.

Adik : Now in Malaysia sorting out her things, coming to London in August and study her.

Me : Returning home (malaysia) on the 26th of this month. Stay there until October (alone okaay! berJolly leerr ana nampaknye. Haha), 7 or 8 October fly to egypt. 6 years study.


Yesterday, while i was folding my telekung after maghrib prayers, i suddenly realised..
How fast time flies and how little time I have left for me to spend it with my mum before i leave for egypt, and stay there for 6 years (oh dear!).
Only then i realised how important these few weeks are for me. To spend them not only for holidaying (such word??) or shopping, but to spend 'em 100% quality time with mama and baba. (and adik later when i get back home).
Before this, i was taking advantage of all the time i had, doing my own things in my own little space.. owh noooo....... need mama baba time now!!
Gona miss mama's jokes.Mama's E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!
Gona miss baba's pastas.Baba's temper.Baba's 'belanja' and presents AND surprises.
and im gona miss adik like hell man!!!
This 26th will be the last time i see them before.. before i dont know.. before what?? ow ya.. before i fly to london for holidays, and that should be next year June I suppose.
Dear oh dear...

Al, if you're reading this.. spend good quality time with your fam puas-puas okaay.. Kita nak pi jauh dah nii..

Need Mama Baba time!! A lot!
Luvs. Nisa


aishahhatta said...

nisa, i miss u too! :)

So what about Alia? said...

yup nys!!im feeling it too!lyk wats gonna happen after this is so unpredictable.altho Im still not confirmed yet!!urgghh.hahaha.

so she's the rab? said...

kak niesah's leaving - "bye rab!"
alia's leaving - "bye rab!!"
hadi's leaving - "bye rab"
iefiz's leaving -"bye rab!"

rab -??"bye korang!!"

ilya said...

wow so ur parents duduk london for good now? ahaha anisah lone ranger kt kl kesiann, no more duduk bawah ketiak mama la kot lepas ni

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