Monday, July 7, 2008

The Wimbledon Final

It was SuPerb!!!
We were jumping and shouting at home yesterday.
Yet confused who we were supporting because we wanted both to win, there was no Good guy-Bad guy, Both are champions ! !

If only they can just cut the cup into two, and give both a halve each. HAHA. If only yea..

Saturday match, the Williams was Great too!!!
Its was a tennis-tennis week for us here. Haha.


So what about Alia? said...

OMG!!!!so true!!I was shouting my lungs the end of the match, i was out of breath, lagi teruk dari diorang yg main tuu..haa gile i tell u!!haha.ingat tak the time when we were in Jordan, watching the Doha Games, and we were shouting go Azlan Iskandar, GO, go, GO, AND nooooooooOO when he lost. We were like chanting and stomping!!same here!Nadal and Federer just got my Adrenaline pumping pump pump pump!!Dasyat.
Great man. Great game. Great sportsmanship. Awesome passion!
If we have the time at Alex, we should go grab the tenis rackets and start hitting some shots eyh. GREAT FUN!!

Anisah Ali said...

SERIOSLY... IT WAS TOTALLY..JUST TOTALLY FANTASTIC!! The Best Tennis Match Ever.. 7 games man!!! SEVEN games!!

ilya said...

i was rooting for federer, mann kesian gila tengok muka dia lepas dah habis match..

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