Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sadly screaming in silence.

If silence is Golden, i guess im making a lot of GOLD (moneyhh) by now.

It had been 3 days now that ive lost my voice.

Can't talk. I even struggle whispering.

My sore throat is getting worse by the day.

Coughing like a mad cow already and at times i had to run to the toilet to vomit.
Im making it sound terrible aren't i?
It is... It IS terrible.

I can't sleep due to this continuous coughing.
My chest really hurts when i cough, especially during the nights when i sleep.

I can't cry for help because practically i CAN'T (no voice).
So,If i ask them to help,they can only rub my back, bring me medicines and even so, that can't make me sleep let alone taking the pain away.

The only thing i was and i AM left to do is just to Call Allah for help and ask Him to Help cure this pain or at Least, God, At Least ReDUCe this pain..

** i just ran to and got back from the toilet... to vomit out Nothing.**

Got nothing to vomit.
Had been filling my hungry tummy with water and a slice or two of soaked bread. I Can't swallow solids as it will only make this sore throat worse.
I'm still okay with that, InsyaALLAH.
Only that i do feel tired and very weak. No energy.
But its okay.

I have to be patient.
Need to be patient.

O Allah, i seek your help.... Be With me, Help me go through this with a Very Strong Heart.

Thank You people for your concern.

As-alullah an yuwaffiqokum ila Khoiri dunyakum wa aakhirotikum wama YuhibbuHU wa YardhoHU.


Sir.S™ said...

sabar ek,,doa banyak2..InsyaALLAH. Mudah2an dikurangkan kaffarah tu.. sedih. :(

Malkisideeq said...



aishahhatta said...

:) sakit tekak ke... siann dia. syafakillah..

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