Monday, March 30, 2009

The Prince and I.

I did this one test on Facebook the other day.
The test was about "which disney prince best suits you"
And guess who i got?? Prince Ali or better known as ALADDIN.
Huuu.. felt lucky!! Very Lucky. And.... what if i say it really does mean something.
What a coincidence.And What A test indeed!! Can only smile and appreciate my days.
May the sun shine all the way.

Here is the result.

This one knows what it is like to go from a pauper to a prince, so he won't mind how wealthy your family is so long as you love him! He is attracted to your sarcasm, love for children and adventurous spirit.


shaa said...

but i like mine better. prince phillip!!

fida yO said...

hahaha...kte same angah!!!
prince philip..mwacks2x..

Anisah Ali said...

Prince Phillip MMG best.
Tapi Along Suka Aladdinnnn!

Zakiah Zazli said...

nak teraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..ngee...
ana rasa aladdin yg the best..ngee :)

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