Tuesday, February 3, 2009


On the hill I stood.

Mollycoddle myself in the green meadow where yellow daffodils grow.
Filling my lungs with pure fresh unpolluted air
and letting the cold breeze of that peaceful morning hit gently the face of mine,
letting it blow my hair and they dance gracefully.
There,on the lea i sat, on the lea i lay...

Okaaaayyy... this long,winding, never ending dream of peace and tranquility is getting me to nowhere..

Ooh,how i really wish for a good back massage right now!!
Everybody's buried under books and notes and pens and papers and Everything which is related to the word STUDY.
Have got to stop the 'dreaming' for a holiday...andd for a back massage.
Need to get back on track..
*fingers flipping through my biochem textbook, turning to page 89*

In life, If you want something... all you need to do is to Work for it.
The best part is, to work is never a burden because we are never in short of help(s) (Who says we work alone?? We never walk alone, remember?). And for that HELP,Support and success, all we need to do is ASK,or in another word, PRAY.

Through prayers Allah Hears more than you say,
He Answers more than you ask,
He Gives more that you desire,
All He needs is YOUR time.
So, take time to think,ponder and pray.
InsyaALLAH. I wish you all success. Ameen~

Work fullheartedly + Pray = Help + Success.

1 comment:

Zakiah Zazli said...

ayat yg teratur,jelas and tepat, subhanallah (^^)

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