Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mysterious, are we?

We may sometimes think that we are very mysterious.
Nobody knows what we're thinking.
Nobody understands us.
Nobody can predict our next action.
Nobody this and Nobody that.

We may think that our problems are more complicated than others.
Our life is more challenging than others.
Our secrets are the darkest secrets. Private and Confidential.

Well ~ding dong~ think again !!
we're probably just one of those people who thinks that their life is very mysterious.Most mysterious perhaps.
Trust me, everyone is LeSS Mysterious than they think they are !

- just to let you know in case if you're still thinking that you're very mysterious compared to others..we're more or less the same. He he *wiNk

Anisah : SmiLing, observing PeoPLe.

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