Monday, November 12, 2007


The 'Sometimes' i take to sit and ponder.

I wonder,
If im on the track of being a good person. .
Am i doing all the things a good person should do. .
Are my words and actions display a good soul. .
Are my thoughts all relevant for me in being a good person. .

Have a become one? A Good Person. .?

Thats only in being a good person.
Everybody can be a good person, but can anybody be a person good to God?
Now that had made me think deeper.

Do i have the qualities of a good muslim. .
Do i talk like a good muslim. .
Do i walk like a good muslim. .
Do i see as what a good muslim only sees. .
Do i listen to what a good muslim only listens. .

Does my words and actions remind others of God?
Have i become one? A Good Muslim. .?
I may assume i have, but ill be lying to myself. .

Owh dear me. .
Have i found the person whom i want to be, or am i still in search of an identity?

Owh ALLAH. .
All i want to be is just,

Grant me Strength O Lord,
To be what i Have to be.
Grant me Patience O Lord,
To be what i Need to be.
And Only in You i seek for strength and Patience.
And Only Your Love i seek for life.
Have i become ??
Anisah Ali.

1 comment:

Nihlah Johari said...

wuu.... muhasabah yg sangat bagus........ jauhnye........

hurmm.. perlu berusaha dengan lebih tekun dan istiqamah......

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