Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Priorities = Suicide .

" There is time to dream and to get serious with your work.
Please get your priority right. Now that you have found a new hobby in *shh*,
why not make it your inspirations to work harder and be brilliant in your studies.
The more you focus on your work, the more closer you get to Him .
So now get on your horse and go study hard! "
This was what mama had texted me three days ago. I was in the library at that time.
I know shes worried about me and my studies.
Have to prove to her that i can excell . . i HaVe To !!

My trials are just around the corner, 12th November.
And now, my workload, huu, only Allah KnoWs.!

- Islamic studies Mid term tomorrow (thursday). (hvnt finish reading the whole pile of notes he gave us yet)

- Islamic Studies' assignment to pass in this friday.1000 words essay. (goodNeSS!)

- Malaysian Studies' project assignment, to present this saturday. ( i havnt finish correcting the essays and folio.Plus the Slide show and the Visual board! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa )

- Math test tomorrow,friday and next week. ( Ape Kes ? Tak puas kasi test ka?? )

- Bio past year papers to finish, Unit 1,Unit 2, Unit 3 and Unit 4. ( satu unit dekat 15 exam papers. 15 x 4 ?? + daya berfikir lagi !!! PeNaaaTT!! )

- Chemistry past year papers. Same macam Bio jugak. ( bio + chem = 60 + 60 pastyears = Die ).

- Math pun sama, tapi i dont give a thing sangat, pasal for this exam ana tak target math sangat. Haha. (ini jalan pintas sebenarnya !! Jangan ikut ! Berdosa! ).

Waaaaaaaaaaa. . . Schedule blaja ana tak buat lagi!!!
I think this is worse than suicide bombing lah!! Haha.

Apa-apa pun.
Usaha harus Kuat!! Orang yang Berusaha tidak akan kalah dan Orang Islam TIDAK BOLEH cepat berputus Asa !!
GO Anisah, GO!!!
GOyang kaki???? No ! No ! [haha. jadi bengong sikit].


Anonymous said...

i know whos dat *shH!!
hahah,kan dah kena ngn ur mum..tu la gatal sgt agy,hehe..

neways,ape2 pon gd luck fr da exams!!
n all da best..
doalah byk2 ek ^^


Nihlah Johari said...




FAITING!!!! ^__^

Anisah Ali said...

Nab Nab.. Tak baik buat fitenah kat sini. Isk Isk.
* shh * tu Hobby baru ana..

Wokeyh, sahabat2 ku. Mari kita Sama2 berUSAHA!

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