Monday, August 13, 2007

Images of yesterday. .

Staring at the empty,plain wall, i see images of yesterday.

Projections of beautiful,cheerful pictures.
Precious moments.
Cherished memories.

How i wish i could turn back time.

But never mind...

Life has to go on.
And that is what i have to proceed with,
My Life.
Its a journey.
A very long and winding journey.

Im not at the beginning of my journey,
neither am i at the finishing line.
I cant turn back for i have gone far,
and i may not give up for my journey is still a long way to go.
I just have to keep on going.

Those days are what supporting me now.
Those days with all the beautiful pictures carved on my memory.
Those days,
Teaching me still.
And im learning now, to look back without turning back.

[Smile for me.Support me please.]

a n i s a h ~ mynever-endingjourney


sidQi said...

reflection of priceless moments.. is the best story of a lover to his/her partner...

sidQi said...

hey itu hanya komen ye.. jgn buat2 cite tak senonoh lak ek.. huhuhu

Nihlah Johari said...

^__^ haha.. sidq ni punye comment pelik betul.
eh? da ilang pulak?

all d best in ur life ^__^ my prayers are always with u dear sis!

sidQi said...

nela.. ape yg ilang? huhu

~ChimpFRIENDzee~ said...

To Sidqi : Ahehe.Thanx and what you said is Quite true.

To Nela : =) Syukran Sis! Same to you dear.keep strong,and if theres anyting,you always have a shoulder to cry on.Hey,pape Text lah.*wink.
Erm...Ape yang ilang??

sidQi said...

quite true is not absolutely right.. uh uh

Nihlah Johari said...

cast your vote for ROQ! al-Quds is Calling you!!

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