Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Severe and Killer HeaDAcHes!!!

Bismillahi ArRahmani ArRaheem.

Last 2 weeks i had a very bad and a killer headache.
Never had a headache as bad as that time.
I never complaint on headaches because i rarely get headaches.
But Last 2 weeks and the week before,it was excruciatingly panful and it almost killed me.(exagerrate).
Mama suspected migraine,but i denied it.
So last 2weeks,mama brought me to see a doctor.
"Anisah,you ni migraine ni...Doctor kasi u Synflex and bla-bla"
I Have MiGraIne?? Waarghh. Never had expected that!

So,i did my homework,and learnt more about this 'MiGraInE' thing,

Hormone hiccup: Falling Oestrogen.

Level of oestrogen fall dramatically before a period.The result CAN Be, migraine - severe throbbing pain, often on one side of the head, plus nausea and sensitivity to light.
(went through all that).

Tame it :
- Some GP may prescribe oestrogen supplements.
- Dont Skip Meals.'the drop in hormones alone doesn't cause migraine- it usually works on conjunction with another trigger'
Some migraine sufferers can happily skip meals throughout the month, but in the days leading up to a period, these things will KICK-START a MIGRAINE.
- Stress is another common migraine trigger.So learn some breathing techniques that may prevent you hyperventilating.

So....Hope we learnt something today...

Anisah . (peace)


sidQi said...

i've been thru those matters.. well, juz change ur lifestyle, i guess :)

~ChimpFRIENDzee~ said...

Ya..ExERcIsE!!!! Rite Bro??

sidQi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sidQi said...

kind of :)

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