Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunch with My Aunties.

Bismillahi ArRahmani ArRaheem.

2:o0pm - 3:0opm
At the dinner table,downstairs during lunchtime this afternoon.
Me,Mama,Mummy (mama's 2nd sister),Mak besau (mama's eldest sister).
Nasi with Sambal sardine,Sup Tahu,Sayur goreng with ikan Bilis,Sarsi.
It was a bubbly afternoon with my aunties.
Mummy just got home from London yesterday morning.
So,we chit chatted at lunch about a lot of things.Silly and funny things.
-Kak Salina's (mak Besar's only daughter)Boyfriend,Mukhrizal.

-Why the girls in our family,(we prefer to call 'the Shariff Clan) have wide feet..I call it 'Kaki Gajah',but they want to maintain our reputasion and instead calling it 'Kaki Jejak Rasul'.Haha.

-We talked about our high testosterone level which had made us grow moustache.Haha.

-And regarding to the same issue (high testosterone level), i told them that i read in a magazine yesterday,saying that the sex drive in women depends on the level of testosterone secreted in her body. After listening to that fact, my aunties all decided that they have to find me a husband FAST! And that they agreed to nikahkan i terus kalau ada yang masuk minang.HAR HAR..Verry Funny Aunties....Thanks but No ThAnKs.

-Other than that,they also joked about mama,keep asking baba for new shoes from London,and how baba reacted to that.Hahaha.This one was so funny.

Sitting and chit chatting with my aunties is about A LOT OF THINGS.ALMOST EVERYTHING.
Happy to have them around.
Love them Sooo Much.

Anisah XOXO

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sidQi said...

ops.. find a husband..?? pom pom pang pom pom pang bunyik kompang :p

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