Monday, June 18, 2007

Baba's Day

~A night to remember~
Baba's birthday was on the 14th of june.

Since he's flying to London on that day, we had his surprise party planned on the 12th.
Mama called everyone,and ordered dinner.
Me?Im the interior planner.Huhu, (iefiz,my co).
Adik was to stall Baba at KLCC so that he could come home a bit later that day.
Aunty Jalika,Fruits.
Uncle Tim,Dessert.
Puksu Ricky and family,birthday cake.
Everybody had everything done on time and as planned.GoOd! =P
8pm,car entered porch,baba climbed the stairs and SURPRISSSEEEE!!
We got baba really surprised and he just didnt know what to say.
It was a very memorable night for all of us,especially BABA.

Yellow Lily.
To baba,truly with love,from US.

So romantic.
Wehey,who did the deco for the stairs haa.

Baba was so flattered.
We're Happy to see him Happy.

Hehey,Thanks for the cute bubbly banner.

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